PR Ventures is a Private Limited Company that had its beginnings in 2007. Right from our inception, being the brainchild of highly motivated people, our only aim was to provide the best services to our clients so that they could excel in whatever areas they engage in.

Today, we are a global all-round service provider catering to sectors like clothing and apparel, promotional businesses, online commerce, manufacturing and so on. With a long repertoire of global clients, you are most welcome to try our services and feel good for the rest of your life.


Meet our secret pride, the people who dreamed big and focused each moment to achieve their dreams

Harish Sabnani

Managing Director

Deepa Sabnani

Managing Director

Mini Aron

Head - Corporate Sales

Sumeet Dhal

Product Sourcing

Arun Arora

Production Coordinator

Parminder Singh

Production Specialist


Our goal is to be the best recognized service provider in the industry, a place where you can lay down your trust and be rest assured of quality service.

Our prime mission is to assist our customers by delivering them a service that strictly adheres to our principal values.

•Commitment – We are committed to serve you with the best products that could grant you a safe and comfortable working environment.

•Integrity – We are proud of our values and we always strive to abide by them. Our way of life is designed to tread the honest way and honour your trust.

•Quality – We lay importance on quality so that your trust is never misplaced with us. High quality is service and products are the marks that make us distinct.

•Reliability – We honour our words and deeds, so that you can rely on us. We aim to be your reliable partner, by providing what we promise, for you, during all your wants.

•Service – We vie to deliver the best professional service for all your needs, across all our sectors. We serve you not solely to meet our financial needs, but also to comfortize your life.

•Customer First – For us, the customer is the king. We aim to deliver fast, perform best, and serve class, because our happiness is rooted on yours.


What distinguishes PR ventures from the other players in the industry is a range of professional services that we provide for the clients...


Online Commerce

With online stores a major trend today, and with most acquiring booming business, we can help in setting up an online store for you to take your business to the next level.

Uniform Solutions

We help make your business stand out by providing high quality Corporate Uniforms that lend the highest level of uniformity and commonness for a business place.


Branding through embroidery is gathering much pace in the recent times. Let your brand stay ahead of the competition through our professional embroidery services.

Custom Design & Development

A good first impression can make a lasting impression. Let your audience be awestruck about you through your custom designed website .